Part 2 of Ali’s Middle Eastern Food

Enjoy part 2 of Ali’s eatery review.
Here I interview a few of Ali’s regular customers and fans. Then I stuff my face with the greatest kofta in the city.

This taste not only brought me back to my years at college, but also reminded me of the great food I ate growing up in Egypt as a child. That’s the power of good food!


Food Summit: Ali’s Middle Eastern Food

Another Temple university eatery, Ali’s has been serving delicious middle eastern food for over a quarter of a century!
If you get the chance, stop by, grab a meal and have a chat with the great staff. Trust me, they got me through many years at Temple!

Check out part 1 of a 2 part review on Food Summit
(part 2 is coming up soon)

P.S. Ali is hilarious

Cups and Chairs

At this precise moment, I am drinking Rooibos (Organic) tea at Cups and Chairs located on the intersection of 5th and Monroe.  According to the menu, the following is the description of the tea: “An earthy herb from South Africa, rooibos is also referred to as “Red Tea”.  Very high in antioxidants and vitamins, it is a most versatile herb that is often blended with other flavorings and herbs.”


This tea has a distinctive red color you will not find on a daily basis.  After sipping and appreciating this tea, I must say my body and mind feels different.  I can feel the antioxidants running through my blood.  My mind is in a state relaxation.

Food Summit: The Creperie Truck

Check out our first ever Food SUMMIT video!

The Creperie Truck is one of the most popular food truck at Temple’s Philadelphia Campus. It is located on 13th and Montgomery Ave. Please Check it out

Host: Sumit K.B.
Videographer: Omar Mcallister
Editor: Indu Nair


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