Sangria is made out of fruits, liqueurs, and ice.  The result of a pleasant sangria is refreshing: cold temperature to numb the tongue, and sugars from the fruits giving you energy.  Despite the heat, sangria is the perfect drink to cool you down.

Fill in your response below:  my favorite sangria is __________.  My favorite location to drink my sangria is __________.




There are certain times when our stomachs and palate crave for simple flavors.  Fresh, clean, and simple taste can lift our moods from a storm. 

The picture above is taken at European Republic on south street.  The meal I ate was a grilled chicken wrap with French fries.  The wrap was delicious….simplicity at its best!  Clean taste from the grilled chicken wrapped under lettuce.  The sauce was pleasant…not too strong in flavor and not too light in strength. 

Furthermore, this is the only location I know that has a listing of sauces.  I have never seen such a variety before!  To complement with the hot weather, wash down my meal with an ice cold sweet tea brewed at European Republic! 

Food Reminiscing

Food Reminiscing

One of my personal favorite cuisine is middle eastern cuisine. My sweetheart and I stopped by Zahav couple months ago. It was one of my goals to check out the spot…

Michael Solomon is the owner/chef of this beautiful establishment. My sweetheart and I were there for restaurant week and the place was packed. Majority of the staff were young, energetic and ambitious employees.

As far as the food, it completely surprised my senses. First, the pita bread we had was soft as silk. Next, the variety was perfect ranging from kofte (ground beef and lamb, cumin, peppers, and carrots) to grilled duck heart (date tehina, crispy onions, apple). To complement the fine cuisine, I have ordered Zahav shandy which consists of goldstar lager, lemon soda, and citrus bitters. The shandy had the right amount of sweet, bitter, and carbonation to cleanse the palate. 😀