Last Night

My sweetheart stop by Lucha Cartel restaurant located in the olde city district.


Lucha Nachos


Chilpachole de camarines: shrimp in a spicy epacote sauce with arpol, ancho, and guajillo chilies served with corn and pea white rice.

Both of us love the interior….check it out! 


USS Olympia

My friend Ad and I explored the USS Olympia at Penn’s Landing for the first time.  Admission were close to $13 per person; however, drops to $5 per person after 5pm. 

Apparently, this ship was built and launched in the 1890s from San Francisco, CA.  Furthermore, there are rumors this ship is also haunted.  Nevertheless, we explored the ship from top to bottom. 

The bottom pictures are from the kitchen, enjoy! 




Kitchen 2


Kitchen 3

When East meets West…

Last week, Food Summit has been invited to a special event last.  Unfortunately, Food Summit missed out on the event; however, Food Summit was granted the recap. Here’s the info:  Image

On August 12th, Prime Stache and Han Dynasty partnered for a one day unique experience in Philadelphia’s culinary history.  Renown Chef Han from Han Dynasty and upcoming Chef Hee from Prime Stache created a fusion experience between classic American cuisine and Asian street food.  The guests were spoiled by a seven course meal with craft cocktail pairings.  The dishes ranged from meatloaf dumplings to fried chicken topped with Taiwanese pork gravy. 


The meal was placed on a long farm style table.  This table was inspired by the desire to build and curate an authentic community.  Furthermore, the event had another element for a great cause.  Ten dollars from every meal was given to Take Flight Foundation charity.  This foundation creates daily support and life changing experiences to seriously ill and physically challenged children throughout Greater Philadelphia.    





Special thanks to photographer Doug Interrante for the amazing photos! 

Also, special thanks to Prime Stache for the invitation and information!  Thank you!  😀


Szechuan Night Out

My friend Ad and I went out in Chinatown to crave our desire of spice.

Through a mutual friend of ours, let’s call her K.  K wrote a yelp review about the location….so we had to check it out.

The location is called Red Kings 2.  There is a Red Kings which we haven’t tried out. 

Ad ordered the Szechuan spicy boiled fish. Meanwhile I ordered the Cumin Lamb.  Both dishes were delicious both to the eye and to the palate.


Szechuan spicy boiled fish!


Cumin Lamb!

Probably one of my favorite lamb dishes in Philly….

What’s one of your favorite lamb dishes? 

Sushi event

Last week, I had the privilege of attending a special event.  What makes this event special?  Well, for the first time in my life, I learn how to make sushi. 

My sweetheart and a few friends were also at the event.  It cost $25 to attend….all you can eat sushi and learn how to make sushi.  Not a bad deal at all….. 

The event was held at Maki House located on south street.  At the end of the event, I was stuffed with a variety of sushi, and sashimi.  Thank you Norm for trusting me with your sushi knife, its an honor! 


Dragon Roll


Shrimp and Salmon Sashimi


Chef norm teaching everyone how to make sushi