Gabon Street Food

Gabon Street Food

One of my good friends is in Gabon. Let’s call him Sn. Sn posted the picture and comment…

“Yo bro! I thought about u when I posted this one, as you are a foodie, haha! It’s called “Nike” because the chicken wings are shaped like the Nike logo ^^. So yeah, they’re just chicken wings with marinated mustard, Maggi (Nestlé), onions, and tomatoes with the option of mayo on the side (no thank you). When you order you just ask for $5 dollars worth of Nikes, lol.”



Hello readers!

I have some great news to share with you!  Food Summit has been gaining more attention and now followers are posting food from their trips!

Let’s call one of the followers Sh.  Sh is on a trip in Thailand at the moment.  Sh has posted the two pictures on Food Summit’s facebook group.  Enjoy!  😀


“Stirfry chicken and noodle dinner from our first dinner in Chiang Mai.”


“Deep fried chicken with crispy basil chips, Chiang Mai with Eurocircle friends. Delicious!”

Feel free to post your delicious meals on food summit.  Educate and share to the community….thank you for all of your support!  😀

Restaurant Week

From Sunday Septemeber 15, Restaurant week starts in Philadelphia.  Already began making plans for which restaurants to dine at, which will be the lucky guest to enjoy the experience, and more. 

Already lots fo restaurants are packed with reservations….if you haven’t made your reservations, act quickly!  You do not want to loose out on the opportunity.

I feel privledge that people are contacting me to ask me which restaurants to dine at.  The list keeps changing, lets find out if that’s the case for next week….. 😀

The decision

Last night, I spoke to my friend on the phone.  Let’s call him T.  The location was at Penns Landing.  The weather was beautiful, the breeze was perfect, and the colors from the fireworks were spectacular. 

T and I came across an interesting conversation.  How do people make choices as far as which restaurants to dine in?

Well, after evaluating past experiences and data from Food Summit, There is one important question…

1)  What am I in the mood for?  Unconsciously people are thinking either they want to eat an authentic ethnic meal or a fusion cuisine they haven’t tried before.  This question confuses most people since it’s a irrational question due to emotions.  Combination of people’s thoughts, cravings, and past experiences.  


How do you decide which location to eat at?  Comment and share below..