Yesterday,my love and I stopped by the reading terminal market.  We stopped by Dinics known for its famous pork sandwiches. 

In fact, a friend of mine knows the owner since the owner lives in the same development as my friend does in Jersey. 


The sandwich is made from fine cheese, slowly roasted pork (4-5 hours, and broccoli rabi.

The sandwich was great.  Highly recommend to try it.  The cost was $11.00.




Barcade:  Climax beer, whiskey and rum and coke. 

Barcade is a cool spot where you can drink and play arcade games from the 80s.  The location is in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia.  These games include Mario, Pacman, Frogger, Double Dragon, Tetris, Punch out, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and much more.  Check out the location, you will love it. 

Yes, my love kicked my ass in all the games.