The Grill

What recipes do you use on the grill? Do you let the marination sit for 3-4 hours or leave in the fridge overnight? 

Summer is here and the grills are out. Personally, I enjoy the marinates meats such as chicken, lamb, and fish overnight. The process does require more time and effort. The results are incredible. The taste of the marination in the meat is strong. Furthermore, the meats are crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. 

What’s your cooking preference? Share your tips with the community below.  



Last night

Last night, my love and I walked 13 blocks in search for dessert. To our surprise, everything was closed around 9pm! On a Tuesday night, we were surprised we could not even enter a cafe!

We walked all the way to the Italian market from South Street…still nothing. My love kept saying I would urge to go further and everything would still be closed. I kept trusting my intuition and found an interesting small location.

I noticed a lady sitting inside and listening to music. I asked if the location was open and she responded as long as she is there. I noticed from the outside, the time of closing said 9pm. The time was 10:30pm.

We were in luck…the second question was more challenging. What to order?


The lady was the owner and we spoke back and forth for suggestions. Within a few minutes, my love and I ordered dark almond chocolate crepe, guava strawberry lassi and vanilla honey lavender lassi. They crepe and food were delicious. Shout out to Lisa for taking care of us!  😀


Philly’s Night Market

A few days ago, I stopped by Philly’s Night Market located in Olde City on 3rd and Arch street. How was the crowd? There were lots of people! Perhaps that’s an understatement….thousands of people! There were so many people that lines ran to a continuous form.

My friends and I were excited and amazed to observe the creativity behind the food trucks. There were more than 85 food trucks expanding 8 city blocks long. Ranging from cup cake truck to arepas, there was no shortage of creativity. To our surprise, there were three yards beer stands serving draft beers to the thirsty customers.

In the end, my friends and I decided to stop by a Irish pub called Plough and the Stars on 2nd and Chestnut. The weather was nice and we were able to enjoy our local drafts. That was a pleasant experience….4 of us drinking, eating, and talking about the current change in the world.



How to get more page views for your blog

For the whole WordPress and Food Summit communities, hope this article helps you. What do you think? Are there any information which you would like to contribute?

The Blog

This is a guest post by Kristina Chang, Evan Moore, Tony Xu, and Omer Rabin; students at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

“What makes a blog popular? What drives page views?” These are the questions that we’ve been trying to answer over the last few weeks. We were on a mission to dig into the data and analyze the strongest parameters that influence the flow of visitors to blogs.

Out of the 30+ million blogs on, we randomly selected a sample of almost 100,000 blogs to perform a regression analysis. Here are our findings, together with a few recommendations. We hope that this provides some new information, and kudos to you in case you’ve already incorporated these tips into your blog – the data suggests that you’re on the right track. Keep it up!

Make your blog easy to follow – It almost sounds obvious, but the…

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