New Upcoming Restaurants

If you live or visiting the Philadelphia region, keep in mind there are new upcoming restaurants. From downtown to the suburbs, 2015 will add new varieties of flavors to the historical city. Here’s a link from foobooz blog owned by Phillymag on the new changes. Which of these locations are tempted to try out?


Costa Rica

My friend Shekhar is currently in Costa Rica and enjoying his vacation. In the first picture, there’s a sea bass dish and on the second is chicken fajitas on route 1.


Casado tipico con tilapia y arroz con mariscos (typical Costarican meal and rice with seafood) at Nanku in La Fortuna

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Beef Pot Roast Recipe

In the past week, I have been asked how do I used a crock pot and what recipes do I use. Today, I would like to share a video I came across from youtube in creating Beef Pot Roast. I enjoy using the crock pot because it is simple, cooks delicious food slowly, and easy to clean. Recently, I have cooked lamb curry, beef curry, and chicken tikka masala. What recipes do you use for the slow cooker?

Events/happy hour

Today, I would like to share with you one of the draw backs in the food industry:  poor management.

When management is great, restaurants operates at its peak level of performance.  Business is going great, each customer to catered to his/her preference.  There is no confusion in communication between the staff and the customers.

However, poor management destroys a reputation of food and beverage establishments.

I have a friend of mine who works as a Meet Up organizer.  I have known him for years and his name is David.  I met with him yesterday at a Meet Up event in Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia.  The location was at Jane G’s restaurant.  This establishment did a great job to catering a full house!

My friend David shared his disappointments of past restaurants and pubs .  Here’s the story….

There was a Meet Up event set up at restaurant beginning of December.  David spoke to three different managers letting them know ahead of time there will be a Meet Up event consisting of 30-40 people.  From David’s side, he’s bringing in new business, free advertising, new customers, etc.  He wanted to make sure the operations and logistics were planned out so that there will be no issues in dealing with that kind of crowd.  The managers said not to worry, it will be taken care of.

Here’s what happen… On the night of the event, the bar was crowded with Meet Up people.  Due to lack of space, we were told to take the whole group upstairs! All of us went upstairs.  To our surprise, we were limited to the menu iteams.  In addition, there were no beers on drafts!  Only beer in cans. We were not catered to at all!

In fact, this was not the only time.   Unfortunately, these type of experiences were frequent.

There was another Meet Up event were the organizer was promised free pizzas were availble to the customers as an incentive from the promotions person.  At the time of the event, all the Meet Up members paid full price for both the food and beverage iteams.  The owner was back in the kitchen and did not show his face.  What happened to the establishment?  It went out of business.

If restaurants learn how to manage events effectively, business will be doing better.  The experience for the customers can improve and progress to levels of creating brand loyalty.

What are your thoughts and reflections? I’m curious to know….

Filled with surprises…..Sunday!

It took me two days to recover from Sunday…would you like to know why?  Can you guess what happened?  The last day of the weekend unveils as follows…..

My close friend from Boston stopped by and is fascinated with fine arts.   I invited my sweetheart and a close friend to the Barnes Foundation Museum.  It was four of us at the Barnes Foundation  This exhibition is filled with beautiful art pieces from Pablo Picasso, Paul Cezanne, Claude Monet, Pierre Auguste Renior,  Vincent Van Gogh, and much more.  It is impressive to appreciate the different styles, brush strokes, colors, and risky choices these artists made during their time.   On Sundays, the tickets are first come, first serve.  We waited in line for a good 45 minutes.


Prior to the Barnes Foundation, all of us spent time at the Rodin Museum.  Rodin museum located right next to the Barnes Foundation.  The most impressive art work is the Gates of Hell.


After walking for miles and appreciating fine arts, all of us were hungry.  We had to make a wise decision between the four of us.  What happened?  We walked all the way from Benjamin Franklin Parkway to Chinatown.   Forgot to mention, we were dehydrated from the heat and overdose of caffeine.   We walked all the way to 9th street intersecting Arch street.  We choose Burmese cuisine: RANGOON!

Going straight to the point, we first ordered thousand layer bread with potato curry.  How many orders of thousand layer bread did we order?  Not one, not two, but three orders!  Here’s the picture of two one thousand layer bread stacked together with the potato curies on the edges of both the sides.  That was just the appetizer.

How many times did you order thousand layer bread?

How many times did you order thousand layer bread?

Next, my sweetheart ordered the spicy eggplant.  Spicy, juicy and deliciousssss are the key words here!

Have you tried this dish before?

Have you tried this dish before?

I have ordered the monsoon:  Eggplant, string beans, potatoes, cauliflower, and carrots in a tamarind sauce.

Never ate anything like it before....loved it!

The Monsoon: Never ate anything like it before….loved it!

My friend from Boston ordered the Dynamite Tofu.  I believe this dish has sriracha sauce in it.  I could be wrong…

Spicy Tofu!

Dynamite Tofu:  Spicy Tofu!

But wait, what happened with my friend from Philly.  Did he order a dish?  Yes he did, he ordered the delicious jungle tofu.

Jungle Curry is so addictive it goes well with anything!  :D

Jungle Curry is so addictive it goes well with anything! 😀

Three out of four of us are not vegetarian.  We decided to order vegetarian dishes because of my friend who is a vegetarian.  To be honest, all the dishes we ordered were excellent.  In fact, most of the dishes were better most meat dishes I tried elsewhere.