Pho: Brisket and Meatballs


After ordering the summer rolls for appetizer, my desire for the main course was brisket and meatballs. I was curious to try something different. In the past, I usually order the seafood pho consisting of shrimp, squid, scallops, mussels, fish cake, and the rest of the ocean critters.

This time I had a different desire. The Brisket and Meatball intrigued me.  I ordered a large portion and I was surprised on how large the dish was. I could not finish the dish even though my love calls me an endless pit!

The Pho was soft, chewy and had a off white color to the noodles. The meatballs were tender on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside. As for the Brisket, it was perfectly cooked in my boiling pho dish. There was something missing…. I reached over for the home made chilli paste and dispersed the concentration in my bowl. Alas…content in my pleasurable pursuit for a Pho afternoon dish.


Summer Rolls


Residents of Philly may not know this however they are spoiled by Vietnamese cuisine. Pho Ha is located between 6th and Washington Avenue in the heart of the Vietnamese District. My love introduced me to this location. For appetizers, we started out with summer rolls. Summer rolls are made with shrimp, rice stick noodles, rice paper wrappers, bean sprouts, mint leaves, basil leaves, cilantro sprigs, Serrano chillies, English cucumber, scallions, and Bibb lettuce leaves.

As for the peanut sauce, its a different story. Peanut butter, water, hoison sauce, lime juice, soy sauce, sugar, chile-garlic paste, garlic and sesame oil.

Last night

Last night, my love and I walked 13 blocks in search for dessert. To our surprise, everything was closed around 9pm! On a Tuesday night, we were surprised we could not even enter a cafe!

We walked all the way to the Italian market from South Street…still nothing. My love kept saying I would urge to go further and everything would still be closed. I kept trusting my intuition and found an interesting small location.

I noticed a lady sitting inside and listening to music. I asked if the location was open and she responded as long as she is there. I noticed from the outside, the time of closing said 9pm. The time was 10:30pm.

We were in luck…the second question was more challenging. What to order?


The lady was the owner and we spoke back and forth for suggestions. Within a few minutes, my love and I ordered dark almond chocolate crepe, guava strawberry lassi and vanilla honey lavender lassi. They crepe and food were delicious. Shout out to Lisa for taking care of us!  😀



Yesterday,my love and I stopped by the reading terminal market.  We stopped by Dinics known for its famous pork sandwiches. 

In fact, a friend of mine knows the owner since the owner lives in the same development as my friend does in Jersey. 


The sandwich is made from fine cheese, slowly roasted pork (4-5 hours, and broccoli rabi.

The sandwich was great.  Highly recommend to try it.  The cost was $11.00.