Beef Pot Roast Recipe

In the past week, I have been asked how do I used a crock pot and what recipes do I use. Today, I would like to share a video I came across from youtube in creating Beef Pot Roast. I enjoy using the crock pot because it is simple, cooks delicious food slowly, and easy to clean. Recently, I have cooked lamb curry, beef curry, and chicken tikka masala. What recipes do you use for the slow cooker?


Susan’s Article

Susan’s Article

Susan is an active Food Summit content creator and follower.  In this article, she describes how to eat healthy on a tight budget.

Question to you:  How do you eat healthy on a budget?  What are your strategies to save money and attain the nutrition you need?  What challenges do you face?  How do you overcome these challenges?

Congratulations Susan on your article! 😀