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Quote of the month

“A man may be pessimistic determinist before lunch and an optimist believer in the will’s freedom after it.”

Aldous Huxley

Belgium night out

Two days ago…I had a particular craving for mussels.  There’s a spot in Rittenhouse area called Monks Cafe.  I was introduced to this location by a friend of mine back in 2007: when I first moved from LA to Philly.  The food was delicious and I crave the experience! 

The event was created 28 hours before…..I invited 6 people.  At the event, 14 people showed up!!!

All of us ended ordering the whole menu of mussels….all eight kind! The fries came with the special monks sauce.  Furthermore, we ordered Spanish Flies which are spicy chicken wings!  They were delicious too.  Complemented well with the Belgium Ale, I ordered the Hebrew Reunion. 

Here are a few pics from last night….


Mussels everywhere!


Close up


Spanish Flies


The crowd


Different Angle

Which spots do you go to for your favorite mussels?  Comment below…..

Restaurant Week

From Sunday Septemeber 15, Restaurant week starts in Philadelphia.  Already began making plans for which restaurants to dine at, which will be the lucky guest to enjoy the experience, and more. 

Already lots fo restaurants are packed with reservations….if you haven’t made your reservations, act quickly!  You do not want to loose out on the opportunity.

I feel privledge that people are contacting me to ask me which restaurants to dine at.  The list keeps changing, lets find out if that’s the case for next week….. 😀